Friday, April 17, 2009

It's.. Friday!

Today was boring as usual! It was even more boring compared to other days this week because we had a normal schedule..

  • First period we had a sub and we had to do this weird thing and Sarah and I were Siamese twins! Haha.. that was really fun.
  • Second period we did more Romeo and Juliet stuff, I played Friar Lawrence! lol
  • Third period.. don't get me started.. I HATE this math class!
  • Fourth we had a sub and we just watched a movie about Fidel Castro. He's a psycho in Cuba who won't die!
  • Fifth we played music. I sat in the flute section just for fun and i was really surprised that Ms. Carollo didn't make me leave.
  • Sixth I did more labs with Elizabeth and Emily. Emily said that she and Katie were probably gonna go live in Toledo next year! What?! No! Why?!

And now I'm waiting for my dad to come pick me up, I dunno what we're doing this weekend but hopefully something fun. Oh wait, we're gonna go watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop on Saturday, but besides that.. nothing that I know of. I hope we can go to the spring fair!

My birthday is coming up! It's the same day as Elizabeth's brother. Hope I get my iPhone!

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