Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sorry Y'all!

Hey everyone! I realize that I have been extremely lazy (though not really since I actually am nearly always busy) when it comes to updating my blog, and when I do blog.. it's a random irrelevant video I found on YouTube or something. If you want, though I think the general audience of this blog wouldn't be interested, you can find these short (usually photo, video, etc.) updates on my Tumblr! To get to the point, I promise that I'll try to be better about updating my blog and posting relevant photos (yes, taken by myself) and stories about what's going on in my busy life!

On a side note, Laura's blog always inspires me with not only her awesome photos and stories, but her layout's simplicity. With that said, I'm thinking about redesigning my own blog similar to her's. Hope you don't mind, Laura! :) Anyways, check out her blog if you haven't already and keep checking back on mine! Thanks for reading, y'all!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Thanks, Isaac. I like your new header!!!