Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wicked Wednesday

Everyday blogging: Day 3! Can we get used to the fact that I'm using completely random words for titles? Yeah anyways, today was another screwed up schedule day because of WASL but it was fun.. ish. So here's my school day:
  • 4th- Digitools, except for not because Mrs. Simonetti wasn't there.
  • 5th- Band in the commons (cafeteria) and we talked the whole time. Better than sittin in band!
  • 6th- More labs, Emily was gone.. but Elizabeth (apparently I'm not supposed to call her Beth anymore haha) and I worked on them, but then I kept getting stuff on my arms and hands and Mr. Jones told us about how bad that is so I was a little freaked out.
  • 1st- We started watching the first LotR movie! Fun, well it was fun for me because I'm a nerd. It was pretty funny because Evan was reciting pretty much the whole movie word for word.
  • Lunch was halfway through 1st period. Nobody was there cuz of the stupid WASL schedule.. Oh and Amber and Alyssa kept bugging me to ask Krysta to the dance! We're just friends though, I used to have a crush on her in like 6th grade. Shh!
  • Back to 1st- More movie :)
  • 2nd- Boring Romeo and Juliet reading/acting.
  • 3rd- Worst class of the day. Math w/ Mr. Hicks..

After school I hung out with Joey, we just sat around, then went outside and like kicked rocks. Then I started going through my 396 songs on my iPod and rating them out of 5 stars. I'm only on like song 90. Fun? Also, Elizabeth and I were talking about maybe starting a youtube channel of us being random and stupid (hopefully funny?) . We aren't sure what to do with that. Now I'm gonna go play Super Smash Bros. and maybe play Talisman! That's a fun RPG type board game. Aaaaaand Joey probably wants to get back on the computer to play WoW (World of Warcraft). YEAH we play that. Told you I was a nerd. Jealous?

OH! And Bunko (idk how to spell it) Night tonight at youth group! Should be tiiight! Lol, maybe?

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