Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tasty Tuesday

Okay, day two of blogging every day! Yeah I know, "tasty?". I couldn't think of any T words! Anyways, I'll just summarize my day, starting with school. It's kinda lame to talk about school because Elizabeth just blogged about it and we have like all the same classes almost (except 1st and 3rd). But oh well, here it goes anyways. (If you're lame and haven't read Beth's blog.. you should know that 7th and 8th graders are doing the WASL so school is gonna be all jacked up for a couple weeks.)

  • No homeroom during WASL! Darn..
  • 1st period (Drama): We were supposed to watch Lord of the Rings but Evan was supposed to bring it but he was absent! Loser! So we watched a Shakespeare movie which was all of his plays abridged and performed by 3 guys. It was pretty funny.. the first time..
  • 2nd (English): I have Ms. Delucia for Drama and English so I ended up watching the same movie two periods in a row... Then we continued with reading/acting out Romeo and Juliet. Fun, kinda..?
  • 3rd (Math): My math teacher also teaches 7th grade so he had to proctor (did I spell that right?) for the WASL. So our class had to sit in the commons and we weren't supposed to talk. But of course we did. I was sitting with Katie and Nick, and Katie was drawing pictures of the school on fire. FREAK! Haha, just kidding Katie.
  • 4th (World Studies): Digitools! Laaame!
  • 5th (Band): Forgot my instrument AGAIN. Whoops. So Beth and Nikki were makin fun of me cuz my crazy Ohio stalker was texting me. Oh and apparently I'm pregnant?! lol..
  • 6th (Science): Labs with Beth and Emily. We were wearing really cool (not!) gloves, goggles, and aprons.

Oh and yesterday I got grounded cuz i didn't clean my room.. But today I came home from school and cleaned the kitchen (it was really messy) and did dishes so Manuel (step dad) let me off! Woo.

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