Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Week of School

This week was the last week of school. The last week as a freshman. The last week at Aylen. The last week of Junior High. The last time I might ever see some people. I'm gonna steal what Elizabeth said and say "it was a last for a lot of things." Most of this week was just hanging out with friends in class. I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything in class except for stupid math cuz my teacher felt the need to be mean I guess. In World Studies w/ Ms. Prokop we watched this weird movie called "The Power of One" about this English kid living in Africa and it was kinda scary cuz these mean guys killed the poor kid's chicken! Haha, anyways. That was a weird movie, I only paid half attention to it. Well, I should probably start back at the beginning of the day I suppose. Homeroom consisted of the usual; sitting around talking when we were supposed to be reading. That was the same all week. In first period (Drama) we finished our lip-sync performances then watched them (Ms. DeLucia records everything). Pretty fun. Our group had 8 people and we did the Pokemon theme song! It was epic! lol. Then for the rest of the week we just sat around and had fun. The last day (today, Friday) we played "The Dating Game" which is pretty hilarious. One person plays the Bachelor/Bachelorette and there are three contestants who get assigned a personality. The Bachelor/Bachelorette asks the people questions and they answer based on their special personalities. I was supposed to be Michael Jackson hahaha. We played that in second period too because I have DeLucia for Drama, as well as English. All week in English we didn't do much of anything, which was fun, actually. 3rd was Math.. omg Mr. Hicks needs to get a life! 4th is Prokop and we did the movie all week. 5th is band and me and friends laid down on the ground and pretty much napped everyday. 6th is science and we were doing "Scotland Yard" till Wednesday then sat around for the other 2 days. All week was boring, yet really fun for some reason! Today was sad but exciting. I'm going to miss people and Aylen, but it's really exciting to know I'm gonna be a Sophomore at PHS! Well, that's all I can really think of at the moment. Soo peace.

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