Sunday, June 14, 2009

There Went May

Grr, sorry. I keep forgetting to blog, and when I remember I don't feel like doing it. So I miss all kinds of good stuff to talk about. Oh well. Hmph. Well today was Becca's (my step-mom) graduation! That was cool. She just needs to finish her internship and I think she can start working as a.. ultrasonographer. Like looking at babies in people's bellies! Fun stuff. So yeah, good job Becca! I'll try to forget that it was like almost 3 hours. Anyways, Back to school tomorrow for our last week. I'm excited! Dance is on Wednesday! Which uh, reminds me. I got fitted and picked out what my tux will look like on Tuesday. I need to go back tomorrow to make sure that it fits. The vest is purple and the coat, pants, shoes and stuff are black. I'll probably post pictures from the dance so you can see. Even though I hate taking pictures! What else...? (This is the part where I get really frustrated because I can't remember what's happened.) Well, this isn't really important but it consumed most of my week's thoughts. My friend (not sure if she wants me to say her name) and I (as a joke, of course) drew ugly little doodles of this evil, mean, lying, playing, cheating, butt-headish girl (won't say who!) and stuck it in her binder. We drew it on BLANK pieces of notebook paper. (Yes, do we all understand this?: BLANK!) So no harm done to her property at all. It was funny and a good time. Until the next day when she goes and finds them and goes crazy and texts me and my friend that she reported us to Mr. Henry (security guy at school) and we will get in big trouble. I was freaking out because I never get in trouble! Later she told me that she lied about reporting us but she was still mad. BUT, she went home and blabbed to her mom, who then called my friend's mom, and said that we ruined her whole binder and all of her science stuff is drawn on. Lies! Also, she told her mom that a girl who wasn't even at school that day did it too. She was in a fight with her so she wanted her to get in trouble. Is this making sense? Well it should. So yeah, supposedly my friend's mom and the evil one's mom sorted things out. But the next day the girl who had nothing to do with this was in the office for almost 2 hours. So me and my friend were afraid that we were going to get sent to the office any time. I was really paranoid. Well we never got in trouble but we still have a week of school! She could maybe get us in trouble still. I'm not sure. But whatever. I hate drama!

Oh, and we're getting a limo for the dance! AND AND! Me and my aunt Gabi are going to the Paramore/No Doubt concert! Details later!

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