Friday, April 10, 2009


So, April 9th, 2009. Probably the coolest night of my life. My aunt Gabi and I got to the Tacoma Dome two hours early, but the time went by really fast. Of course, I forgot my digital camera so we bought disposable ones (This wasn't a great idea. I'll explain later.). There was a psycho drag-queen guy thing outside dancing around, that was really weird... Also, there were a few little booths from radio stations (like 106.1, 92.5, and some other ones.). I guess they were doing this contest where if you sing a Britney song you could win VIP tickets. Gabi and I were like "HECK NO!" haha. There were a bunch of crazy guys and weirdo trashy girls running around in weird costumes and stuff. Oh yeah, the drag guy was Asian ha. There were four different entrances and all of them had huge lines (They had to search us!) but once they started letting people in, it went pretty fast. Inside it was just CRAZY. In case you needed to know, first I went pee.. then we went to one of the stands that sold t-shirts and stuff and I bought a "program" which was this big booklet of pictures and stuff. It cost $30, expensive! Oh and a water was $4, and they took off the cap because I guess you aren't allowed to have bottle caps in the concert...?

We got to our seats and we were like "Dude! These are like hecka close!" They really were too, like there was the stage and the VIP seats then the rows of seats started (there were probably like 200+ rows) and we were the 4th row from the stage! We could see everyone's faces and we were close enough to see Britney's sweaty back haha.

The Pussycat Dolls opened and they were so good live. I'm not a HUGE fan, but I'm a fan of theirs so that was pretty sweet. They started with Don'tcha and did like 5 songs ending with When I Grow Up. I don't know why we paid for seats cuz everyone stood the whole time. By the end of the night my back and my feet hurt sooo bad! But it was worth it. Anyways, after they changed the props or whatever they announced Britney and then there was this video thing and then she came down from the sky and everyone went WILD!! Her first song was Circus and she had really cool costumes for every song and different awesome props for everything and it must have taken forever to plan out because it was so awesome. We're pretty sure she lip-synced most of the songs (Sadly, I bet she could have but just think of the stuff people would say if she messed up. I think she was just playing it safe.) but she danced a lot and there was a lot going on so it was okay. We know for sure that she sang the song Everytime live, she was sitting on this huge umbrella hanging from the ceiling and she sounded really good, like better than on the CD. She did like 12 songs and every one was different and there were people from a real circus performing in between songs and they were really amazing. I'm kinda rambling on but it really was awesome! The effects were really cool too, like there was big bursts of smoke/steam or whatever and fireworks and a ring of fire and and the end there were a bunch of sparks coming from everywhere and confetti was flying all around the dome and the crowd was so wild. It was really cool when all the thousands of people were singing at the same time.

We got our pictures developed earlier and they're CRAP! It makes it look like we were a million miles away and the flash ruined all the pictures and yeah, it's really really dissapointing. But we were there and it was extremely amazingly awesome so that's all that counts. I'm so glad we got to go and we both agreed it was worth every penny (and the achy body hehe). The whole thing was really surreal to me and I can't explain it well enough so you shoulda been there! I'll never forget it and I'd do it again any time.

Photos of the concert on my Flickr!

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