Saturday, September 19, 2009

Huge Recap Part 3!

Part three here we go.. Here I am sitting at my desk on a rainy Saturday afternoon. But actually, I wouldn't have it any other way! That's not true, I take that back. I'd like to be at a concert or something but whatever! You get what I mean. But really, here I am searching through my tweets for what I should be talking about.

Here's something I did! I went to movies. One movie in particular was awesome! On July 15th Kelsey, Raymond, Jenna, and I went to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince midnight premiere! That was so nerdy and fun. I wore Kelsey's witch hat. Raymond wore robes, but I wasn't going to take it that far.. Anyways, it was a great movie! The only complaint that comes to mind is that at the scene where Dumbledore dies, Harry is supposed to be petrified. But he just sat there fully conscious in the movie! WHY?! Would it be that hard to have a little petrification action?! C'mon Warner Bros.! Err, David Hayman or whoever the director is. I forgot.

Also, I went to see Bandslam with Krysta. Was sort of a date? Not really, we're just friends! But it was a surprisingly good movie. Except I think I like Vanessa Hudgens as a prep better. Haha. Oh and of course Gabi and I had a few movie nights. We watched Slumdog Millionaire.. and some other ones. I only remember the Slumdog one because I'm looking through my tweets.

As I'm continuing down my twitter feed.. Ahah! I went Inner tubing (Or innertubing, I don't know.) with my Dad, Becca, and Dwight. That was my first time and we went down the Green River! Apparently that one is pretty bad in spots. We didn't go too far down the river though. I almost fell in at one point! That's a lie, it happened often, but this time was pretty scary. My tube got stuck behind a branch in the river and I almost flipped off my tube. Scary stuff. But I lived so don't worry! Yeah, that was a blast and I can't wait to go again! Another little outing I had with my Dad and Becca was a random "drive" to Chinook Pass. That was fun just being together in the jeep. Except I got sunblock in my eye! Ouch. We were planning on swimming and having a picnic.. That didn't happen, but I'm not gonna complain.

The 4th of July this summer was lame! I had a brownie batter blizzard from Dairy Queen! That was good, and I guess I had a little fun watching the Emerald Downs firework show. It was Dad, Becca, Laura, Tyler, and I sitting by the Auburn little airport thing. There were so many freaks out! This one drunk guy kept asking us where a bathroom was and this other guy was really funny because every 2 minutes he screams "DID YOU SEE THAT?!" haha. Oh and the fireworks were red, white, and green.. Let's go Mexico?! Laura blogged about this and I was actually trying to find her blog earlier! I can't find it! Grr, oh well. I'll find it eventually.

OH AND HOW COULD I LEAVE OUT THE DEATH OF MJ?! Maybe because it was sad the first day but it got really old after months of people talking about it. Sorry if I'm being cold-hearted! RIP Michael Jackson.

I really didn't do much this summer so I think part 3 was it! For those of you who actually read it all, thanks. I'll try to be more exciting from now on!

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