Saturday, September 19, 2009

Huge Recap Part 2!

Alright, part two of my huge recap... and I have no idea where to start. Surprised? Shouldn't be! Hmm, well while I'm writing this I'm going through my old twitter updates thinking it might rejog my memory. It will! I just have way too many tweets to go through! Anyways, here we go!

This actually happened at the end of summer, but oh well.! August 24th was Puyallup High School registration day. Oh man, I was extremely nervous for that day. I had been sent a packet from the school a few weeks prior, and it made everything seem so complicated.. and I wasn't ready for complicated. I was still trying to enjoy summer. (Even though this summer was so boring!) The night before registration I tweeted "i really should be sleeping so i can be ready for tomorrow.. but i cant fall asleep.." hence the nervousness! I think I just made up a word. Well, the whole thing was not that hard or complicated or anything. I was nervous for no reason, really. We got there, picked up my schedule, took my school picture (It's ugly, no big surprise there though!), got my textbooks and we were out of there. Of course I forgot to look around for my classes, so the first day of school I was wandering around for all of my classes. Luckily Elizabeth and I have most of the same classes so I was able to follow her. I was pretty happy with my classes, and I still am. Thankfully they haven't changed!
  • 1st period: Psychology (Sort of fun, full of juniors and seniors.)
  • 2nd period: Honors English (Fun, my teacher is ADD!)
  • 3rd period: Spanish! (Err EspaƱol?)
  • I have 1st lunch! Yay!
  • 4th period: Biology Natural Resources (Crazy teacher who has an evil laugh! Haha)
  • 5th period: Band (Mr. Ryan was my 5th and 6th grade band teacher too!)
  • 6th period: Geometry (Have I got a story about this class!)
I guess I can talk about my first week or so of school now. Not much to say, the high school is huge compared to junior high. Can't say I miss Aylen! (Maybe a few teachers, but that's about it.) My classes go by pretty fast, although 4th-6th period are sometimes pretty dull. In Biology we had to do a big project our first week for the fair. Short notice much! Anyways, my partner was Kelsey, a girl I've known since 4th grade. We worked really hard and long on this thing. I'll have to post pictures some time. My teacher, Mr. Wetzel, said is was "Hot Damn!" Told you he was crazy! Who says that?! Oh and the first two weeks of school my geometry class didn't have a teacher! That sucked, really bad. We had a retired guy tell us to do assignments but he couldn't tell us how to do them.. We had to teach ourselves. How unprofessional, I mean come on. Really now? Whatever, I have a teacher now and it's pretty easy so far. I don't have a whole lot to say.. Hmm I guess I could tell you that my Spanish name is Estabon and El Pollo Loco (The Mexican Restaurant) means "The Crazy Chicken!" Hahaha.

Oh geez, I just remembered. The second Friday of school the band had to play at the football game and we didn't get home untill 10:30! THEN the next morning we had to get up at 5:00 to go to the University of Washington and play at the husky game. This could have been fun if it wasn't ten million degrees while in uniform and I wasn't sick! I rambling so I'll move on.. but that sucked.

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