Thursday, September 24, 2009

Threatening Thursday

Again, random adjective for the day. So it's Thursday and have I got a blog for you! Yep, just for you. (Didn't say it's going to be great or anything! Haha) Anyways, we had our psychology test today and our teacher wasn't lying. It was hard. Although, he DID let us use any amount of notes so long as they were handwritten. That made it fair I suppose. Hopefully I get a good grade! This is a guy teacher so I can't use my boyish charm to get a better grade.. Dang! Haha just kidding, I would never do that. Maybe, sort of.. Yeah anyways... English was fun, as always, because of our ADD teacher. She told really funny stories today! Also, I forgot to mention that on the first day of school she said she has a twitter! WHAT?! So of course I looked her up, but no luck finding her. I suppose it was probably smart to make it hard for her students to find her.. This reminds me of.. Oh man, story time!

Okay so this reminds me of my science teacher last year. I had my suspicions from the start that he was a gamer! On the first day of school he asked us to write down our interests. "Do you play a sport? Do you like reading? Do you play World of Warcraft?" (!!!!!) Why would a teacher mention WoW unless he played it?! The next day he said we could email him at any time if we ever had questions. "Just don't email me late at night. Because I'm not always on the computer. Well, I am always on the computer. Just not always checking my email." (Again: !!!!!) Seriously? So I kinda let it go until the end of the school year when someone told me it was true and then I guess someone told him that I was wondering. I walked into class that day and he said "Isaac, I heard you're trying to figure out what server I play on!" Awesome! It was true and he admitted it! That was so cool.. Bang! New favorite teacher! I eventually wheedled out his server but to this day I still don't know his character name.. I should email him and ask him.. OH WAIT. My WoW account expired..

Wow that got really off topic. Where was I? Oh yes, my ADD English teacher! Yup, fun day in that class today. In Espanol we learned some new words.. Nothing exciting. Science was a little less boring than usual. He was teaching us about the salmon life cycle. I learned this in like fifth grade! Although I guess it was good to refresh my memory. Band was pretty cool today. We played pep-band music. One song in particular was fun. Holiday, you know, by Green Day. I am such a band geek! I really want a copy of the CD with the all of the pep-band music.. Maybe Mr. Ryan will burn me a copy! Lastly, geometry. We were assigned a seating chart.. But it's okay because my teacher likes me and let me sit where I want! Thank you Ms. Stoyles! I still am unhappy with that class though. It's full of kids who don't pay attention and make every lesson take forever so we don't get time in class to do homework like her other classes. LAME. Oh well.

And now I am sitting at home with my little sister Emma. (Yes I know it's illegal in grammar-land to start a sentence with "and!") My mom took Isaiah to football and Manuel took Julian to soccer. I don't play a sport anymore. I'm a disappointment.. No I joke. (But I do feel that way sometimes. Yeah I know, boohoo.) I'm really surprised I have been able to blog every day! Usually I only get to use the computer, at most, every other day! Maybe because I have been home alone a lot this week. Yeah that's probably it. Friday I'm supposed go to the movies with Kelsey to see "Fame." It looks pretty good and I look forward to seeing it. Oh and I have to play with band at the football game on Saturday. That should be fun too. I sure hope that our team wins this time! Last game we played at we were winning the whole game and then in the last TWO SECONDS the other team scored a touchdown. Really now? Haha ohwell, I'm done.

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