Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Yes I'm aware that I have already blogged today! Anyways.. Hmph. I have decided that I am in need of more blog followers. This might be a challenge considering I have little to say that will interest people other then people I already know. Well, this is not entirely true I suppose. I do have interesting things to say! I just have trouble remembering them when I get the chance to blog.. Sigh.. So, solution time. Anyone who has a request for a blogging topic.. let me know. I'll try to write something worth while.

I suppose I should also give a little update. I am trying to write a Harry Potter Fanfic. For those of you who aren't complete nerds, "fanfic" is short for "Fan Fiction." A fanfic is a fan's (obviously) fiction (again, obviously) about an existing author's story! I am a huge fan of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series and I heard about fanfic. So I decided to write one! Should I post chapter by chapter on my blog? I think I should. But as of.. now... I have very little of the story done. So I better get to work, eh?

Also, according to Joey patch 3.2.2 came out on WoW today. Onyxia is out again! Also, apparently if you have already killed Onyxia back when she was level 60.. you get a feat of strength achievement! Which I have! Woot. Anyways I'll end this nerd-fest with this statement. I MISS WoW!

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