Friday, October 2, 2009

Week Recap

Alright, where did I leave off last time? The last real blog I wrote was over a week ago. Last Thursday to be exact. I expect I should start with a little review of Fame. Afterward I could talk about my weekend and youth group.. Oh and I went to the fair again on Sunday. Okay here we go!

Fame was really cool, there's not much more to it. Kelsey really wanted to go.. So I said I'd go with her, since nobody else could. I'm sure glad I went. I couldn't tell you all of the characters names.. But that's beside the point. If you wanted the plot, you could just go google it. So I'll just say that it was a fun and inspiring movie. As weird as "inspiring" sounds, it's true. All of the singing and intense dancing really made me want to work harder at my instruments so maybe one day I could reach "Fame!" Will that really happen? Doubtful.. But hey, you never know! Right..?

Saturday I sort of sat around the house being lazy. I think I babysat, actually. Anyways, that night I had to go with band to play at the football game. (PHS lost.. of course..) Win or lose it was still fun. For some reason everything is funny when you're stuck in the bleachers wearing a stupid band uniform. After a lot of laughing at stupid stuff with Elizabeth I had nachos! Then we went and played a little more. The game went till like 9, if I remember correctly. I had planned to spend the night at Joey's that night and even though it was so late already, Barbara (Joey's mom) answered the phone and said "Are ya coming over?!" So.. I did! We watched Star Wars Episode III and then fell asleep. On Sunday we went to church and the fair! What's that? Like my 5th time?! Whatever, it was fun. Also, Joey made me watch the Konzelman's band concert thing TWICE. I have to admit though.. They're good! I'm supposed to start taking piano lessons from them.. I hope that actually happens. I really want to get better at piano. Sooo, yep. We did a lot of somewhat fun things at the fair that day.

School thing week was uneventful. The first day of youth group was on Wednesday. That was FUN! We played these weird yet fun games where we had to put shaving cream all over one of your teammates heads and then see how much popcorn you can get to stay on them. Another game was where we tried to make someone's hair stick up with hairspray. That one was unsuccessful.. but it was really funny. The last one was where we put tooth paste all over somebody's arms and legs and tried to put as many nickels as possible on them. Crazy "games" but it was really fun. Youth group is always fun though, so it should be expected. Hmmm what else.. Oh! Brett (the youth pastor guy) made a blog on blogger! Strange, but effective I guess?

So yeah. That's all I can think of at the moment. TGIF!


Oh yeah! Two more cool things! One, my favorite web show (I guess that what you call it?) The Guild is coming out with a comic book?! What?! Yeah, you heard me right. As tweeted by @FeliciaDay "Read @theguild comic preview by @feliciaday and Jim Rugg at AICN. (via @ScottAllie)"

Also, Britney Spears came out with her new single "3" !

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