Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Viking Vanguard

In the first issue this year of "The Viking Vanguard" (PHS's newspaper) there was a article titled "Close Encounters With Stars." It had a story of a senior at PHS that ran into Britney Spears! AHHHHH! I'm so jealous.

"Later that day we decided to continue sightseeing and shopping, this time on Robertson Boulevard, where we got a surprise I wasn't expecting. As we were walking down the street about to walk into a store I heard all this commotion of honking and as I looked out I saw a white Mercedes SUV speed down the street. Little did I know it was being driven by Britney Spears. She was being followed by an Escalade which I later figured out was holding security who was followed by the insistent paparazzi trying to be the first car behind her so they could capture the best shot. The money shot. Instantly when I saw what was going on, I knew this wasn't normal, for me at least. As I looked down the street I saw her make a quick U-turn in an attempt to try to run off the paparazzi. As she came back around she stopped directly in front of me, literally only feet away. She gets out and runs into the store to have probably 50 guys run up and try to capture the best shot. Meanwhile I was just standing there: in shock. About 15 minutes later she comes out to millions of flashes walking directly toward me. I mean, what do you do when Britney Spears, one of the world's biggest celebrities is walking en route to where you are? Freeze. At least that's what I did. When she got about a foot away my brain suddenly turned back on, I finally got the courage to smile, put out my hand and say, "it's nice to meet you." She looked up and smiled, shook my hand and replied with "it's great to meet you." before being whisked away by burly security guards. It was definitely crazy, getting caught in a celebrity paparazzi storm. I will never forget the experience; it really made for a memorable family vacation. " -Shawn Serven (Senior)

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