Saturday, January 16, 2010


Tonight was the best basketball game... EVER! At least for me, and probably at least a few others. The PHS Varsity team beat the undefeated Curtis team! Comcast recorded this game, and I'm sure they're glad they picked this one! Oh yeah, since PHS made 80 points everyone got free wings at the new Firehouse Deli place! I don't really like wings, but still..

It really wasn't anything special until after halftime. The halftime show included songs by us, the band, as usual.. But then today was special I guess because a whole bunch of little girl cheerleaders went onto the court and did cheers with the school squad. My little sister was in it! She looked like she had a fun time, so that was cool. The band gets 3rd quarter off so nobody payed attention then, but the 4th quarter and *SPOILER!* overtime was really exciting.

Towards the end of 4th quarter the game was really close. 66 Puyallup, and 69 Curtis. Everyone was sure we lost, considering we had seconds left in the game. But out of nowhere the shortest kid on the team runs and shoots a 3 pointer! "WE'RE GOIN' INTO OVERTIME!" With 4 minutes back on the board, the score stayed pretty even. They kept calling fouls on both sides so most of the points were from free throws (They're called that, right?). 25 seconds left.. Coach calls a last time-out. Score at 77 PHS, and 79 Curtis. Back into the game and they ball was going back and forth across the court. Until there was barely a second left and the same guy who saved the game earlier, shot another 3 pointer and won the game!

The crowd went, quite literally, wild and jumped from the stands to lift the guy into the air in a huge mush of people. Kind of like a rock concert, I guess? They beat the, till tonight, undefeated Curtis that was the #3 team in Washington 80 - 79! GO VIKINGS! So glad I was there.


You can catch the game on Comcast's On Demand under "Get Local!" (When they put it on there, of course.)

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