Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today’s topic is worms. “Really?” you ask? No, not really. A worm just gave me the inspiration for a blog about violence. Sort of.

There I am. Sitting on a swing in my backyard, listening to my iPod. About to jump off, I notice a worm. “OH NO!” I screamed in my head. …Too late. I landed on the innocent little guy and he was done for. Squished, dead. “Gone to a better place,” you could say. I felt really guilty, like, what if some giant thing that was 500 times my weight stepped on me?! That, my friends, would suck.

Alright, so by now I’m way over it, but it made me think about violence/killing innocent beings. I know man has been hunting animals as a way of survival for bajillions of years, but I honestly could not handle ending some innocent thing’s life.

Since I have no life and this little debate with myself in my head was keeping my interest, I thought about violent video games and such. I kill things in games all the freaking time, right? Right. But I realized that in World of Warcraft, for instance, you’re mainly killing evil demons and monsters, and in Star Wars games I always play the good guys and kill aliens and droids. Now in Call of Duty and games like that, you actually kill other human beings and it’s all bloody and gory. That’s probably why I don’t like those games very much. But then again, my favorite show is Law and Order and I’m addicted to the Saw movies, so I’m kinda contradicting myself..

I guess I really just don’t know where I stand on this topic. Oh well, when I originally thought of writing this, I was sure I had it all figured out. Apparently not.

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