Monday, January 11, 2010

Post- Winter Break.. Post..

Happy Monday! But it's not really.. Doesn't everyone say the Monday is the worst day of the week? I think so.. Anyways, I'll start off by asking a question. Do you guys want me to keep posting my formspring questions/answers on the blog, or stop? Leave a comment with your opinion please! Guess I'll move on to my weekend.

This weekend my sister decided to come over at the last minute, so I stayed at my mom's even though it was my dad's weekend. We had a pretty good time, we had catching up to do because she hasn't been over in a while and for some reason we never really text eachother. We stayed up Friday night watching "All Dogs Go To Heaven." We both fell asleep not even half way through.. Hahaha. Saturday we went to the mall and spent our gift cards and stuff. That night we watched "Zoolander," even though we both have seen it a million times. It's a classic! Sorta.. Sunday was lazy day.. Partly because I woke up and threw up.. And also partly because I didn't feel like doing anything all day. Whatever, it worked for me. Overall a pretty good weekend. No big complaints.

For those of you who actually read this whole thing, should I write a post about what I bought this weekend? How about my Christmas stuff? Nobody answered on the last blog because the comment system wasn't working. So post a comment now! Along with if I should continue to post formspring stuff. Please and thank you! I guess that's it.


Rebecca said...

I enjoy your blog and your question answers. So keep it up, very informative and entertaining to say the least. Pops

Rebecca said...

Oh yeah, almost forgot...I wake up on Monday mornings and throw up. Anyways...D