Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wrathful Wednesday

Hah, "wrathful." I like it. Anywho, it's Wednesday and let's dive right into my awesome (not really) day. Wednesdays are a late start day for school. Instead of going at 7:45, school starts at 9:15. Sort of, apparently they changed the schedule so we start at 9:20 and get out at 2:20. It was really confusing, actually. Half the class still thought it started at 9:15, so the bell rang and only half of us were there. I was confused! Plus, Elizabeth's bus was late so she was last to walk in. Awkward! Haha. Yeah so I don't think I'm going to give you guys every detail of every class like usual. I mean, come on. That's boring, right? But some highlights were..
  • This isn't a good highlight.. But, I have a psychology test tomorrow and I'm pretty nervous! Our teacher keeps saying "It's a hard test!" Oh gee thanks.
  • Apparently we're having a pop quiz on elements of a good speech. "Sometime this week." Hmph well that's just lame.
  • My science teacher is psycho and feels the need to assign huge amounts of work every night.
  • I was looking forward to finding out how I did on the chair test in band, but Mr. Ryan announced that we won't find out until Friday.
  • Math quiz today. I was nervous, but it wasn't so bad. I better ace that sucker!
Now I am just doing homework and studying for my stupid quizzes! I had something cool to say but I can't remember. Well, this isn't very cool but I think I have a name for my collab blog about books. "Bott's Every Flavor Books" after "Bott's every flavor beans" from Harry Potter. Clever, eh? Haha well hopefully I'll blog again tomorrow!


Oh and some big news with my woman! This is from

Britney Spears "The Singles Collection"
In Stores November 24
New Song "3" Goes to Radio September 29

New York, NY - In celebration of the 10th anniversary of her debut on the music scene, Jive Records is releasing Britney Spears The Singles Collection on November 24. To launch the special package a brand new single entitled "3," which Britney recently recorded with hitmaker Max Martin, will go to radio Tuesday, September 29. There will be two configurations of The Singles Collection; an ultimate fan box set and a standard version. The ultimate fan box set version of The Singles Collection will contain all 29 of her singles, including the new song "3." Each disc will be packaged in its own slip sleeve case with original artwork, and will include an additional b-side or a remix of the track. The collection will include a DVD featuring all of Britney's videos in chronological order. The ultimate fan box set will also include a special booklet featuring iconic images and fun facts about each track. The standard version of The Singles Collection will contain 17 of her chart topping favorites along with the new song "3," all on one CD. .

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