Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Tuesday Trick!

Haha, I said trick because apparently you can substitute the "B word" with trick! Anyways, It's Tuesday and nothing special really happened today. Although, @xxBrit_Brittxx and I are planning on starting a collab blog! Most likely about books, because we're both nerds and like to read! We're thinking of doing a "Bit by Bit" deal with different books. Harry Potter to start, of course! I suppose I should start talking about my day..
  • 1st period: boring, notes for Thursday's quiz/test
  • 2nd period: sorta fun cuz my ADD teacher told us a funny story about fainting bridesmaids.
  • 3rd period: espanol was funish, but no funnt sub today. Haha
  • 4th period: science.. he assigns to much homework! Also, I'm supposed to do a "leadership" thing every month and if I don't I don't get credit. It's hard to explain but it definitely sucks.
  • 5th period: band, sat and drew pictures with this junior Mickenzie because the other instruments were taking their chair tests.
  • 6th period: lastly, geometry. My teacher decided make a last minute quiz tomorrow! woo..
So yep that's about it. I'll hopefully have details about the collab blog soon! Oh and if you haven't yet, follow me on twitter! Not that anyone really reads my blog yet haha. One day!

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