Monday, September 21, 2009

Little Bit of This, Little of That.

This post is going to be a little bit of yesterday and a little bit of today. Maybe a lot of both, I'm not sure yet.. I actually did something fun yesterday! I blogged too early to judge my day I suppose. I went to the fair! Actually, that's the third time I've gone this year.. But it was still fun. Anyways, the first time I went to the fair was exactly a week from today. I had to do a performance with my "fiddling" group. I play mandolin, if you didn't know. We're called the "Hot Strings" (Corny, eh?) and we always do a little thing at the fair. This is the third or fourth year going and I think I'm finally getting used to performing in front of people. But not really, I still get nervous. Luckily (but to my great annoyance) this kid Tj blocked out all of my sound. Okay, this wasn't so lucky. I don't like to trash talk people, but this is a different story! He seriously plays so loud that my ears hurt. He seems to believe he needs to outshine everyone. He even commented that he needed to play every song different than the rest of us because "it's boring to me." Really? Get over yourself.. Haha, I'm so mean sometimes. Ohwell.

My second trip to the fair was last Wednesday, or "Fair Day" as we know it here in Puyallup. I met Joey there and we just hung out and walked around. We wanted to go see the hypnotist but we got there too late. This is the first year I haven't seen him! Grr! This brings me to the third trip to the fair, with my dad. My dad and I did the same thing as I did with Joey. A lot of walking around and eating unhealthy food. (Yumm, haha) I wanted to see the hypnotist that time too but nooooo, my dad said he didn't want to go. "You see him one time, you've seen him a million times!" So?! It's always fun anyways! Okay now I'm rambling. Sorry, I'll move on. Oh, a good thing that happened was that Kelsey and my science project won "Best in Class" at the fair! She called me all freaked out and excited and I had to go see it. I have to admit, it WAS exciting! We get extra credit and we might get prize money! Woo! I'm not even that good in science! Whatever, I'll take it! Also, there was the Anime stand with people from Japan and I really wanted like EVERYTHING from there. But all I bought this year was a little Sakura (from Naruto) key chain thing. Lame, but it was still fun to look at the stand/booth thing.

Alrighty, so today was just another boring school day. We had to switch portables in Psychology.. Second period.. nothing special. (But we got to make fun of Gio! He seriously TRIES to be a dork! Haha) Third period.. Ahh Espanol! Si si, fum class. We had this sub and she was (not to be racist!) "African American" and she definitely had an attitude to match. "Shut your mouth, nobody wants to hear you!" HAH! I liked her, she rocks. She obviously likes to speak her mind. Oh and we have this girl in our class who claims to be Australian.. But she just now started using an accent. I'm not buying it. Anyways, fourth period.. Science! ("Biology Natural Resources") Kelsey and I were happy to report our successful science project to our teacher, although no "hot damn!" this time.. Fifth period I had band, chair test! I think I did pretty well. Only one or two mistakes that I noticed.. I was surprised that the juniors and seniors didn't do better.. Lastly, sixth period. Geometry.. Same old thing like every day. Notes then homework. That's about it with that fun class. After school I had to go pick up my little siblings from their school and then walk them home. So me and Natalie just sat on the playground until they got out. Nothing exciting there either..

Well this is it for today's blog I suppose. Now I have to go with Joey to mandolin/fiddling lessons! Peace!


Congrats to my woman Britney Spears!
Britney has placed in the 2010 edition of the Guinness World Records, according to the Guinness World Records!

"And in December 2008, Circus topped the US album chart, making Britney Spears the youngest female artist in history to have five of her albums reach No.1. Before she turned 20 years old on 2 December 2001, Spears had sold an unprecedented 37 million records around the world, making her the all-time best-selling teenage artist."

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